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Kambal Karibal "a Best Pinoy TV Show"

Story of Kambal, Karibal a best Pinoy TV Show: Kambal, Karibal is an arresting story of family and love that likewise rises above into the heavenly domain. It recounts the tale of twins Crisanta and Criselda. Sadly, Criselda bites the dust due to an uncommon sickness and remains a soul that exclusive appears to Crisanta.

In any case, their nearby bond will begin to come apart when they both become hopelessly enamored with Diego. Here we go with the cast of Kambal Karibal the best Pinoy TV Show

Miguel Tanfelix as Diego Ocampo: An energetic and capable young man. He was Raymond's son in a GRO that he did not recognize and abandoned him. He will meet Crisanta, his true heartbeat.

Bianca Umali as Crisanta Bautista: A prudent and intelligent maid who dreamed to be an engineer. She loves her twin brother Criselda but loves it because both love Diego

Carmina Villarroel as Geraldine Enriquez-De Villa: A loving mother. Alex would separate them after proving his left hand. She is the twin mother of Crisanta and Criselda who will be deprived of her.

Jean Garcia as Teresa Abaya: To him Raymond will give Geraldine the twin. He was also a classmate of Geraldine and became a rival to Alex. She will try to sell the twin babies but her husband Noli will stop her. He treats twins.

Marvin Agustin as Raymond De Villa: A wealthy doctor who became Geraldine's first girlfriend. He will break the relationship of Geraldine and his wife, Alex. He will also send Geraldine to the death of his two children.

Kyline Alcantara as Cheska De Villa: Raymond and Geraldine and Diego's former girlfriend. To him will Criselda's spirit be shaken. The characters are perfect according to the Pinoy Ako online tambayan story guideline.

Alfred Vargas as Alex Magpantay: A nice and simple marine engineer who is Geraldine's wife. She is betrayed so Geraldine blames her for the death of her children.

Mr. Christopher De Leon as Emmanuel De Villa: A famous doctor and owns a hospital. She will use Criselda's condition to beautify the image of her hospital.

Ms. Gloria Romero as Anicia Enriquez: He is the nephew of Geraldine and serves as his mother.

Pauline Mendoza as Criselda Bautista: He is Crisanta's twin brother with SCID or Severe Combined Immunodeficiency. He will die for his illness but will return as a ghost.

Jeric Gonzales as Makoy Claveria: Crisanta's childhood friend and friend. Ever since childhood it has been like Crisanta

The contention between them develops when their mom's affections are centered around Crisanta. In the long run, Criselda's feelings at last expend her and her spirit finds someone else's body to possess. Since she is alive, further in this pinoy tv show she is persevering relentlessly to take both her mom's love and Diego's adoration.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Comics Anime and Manga History

Anime and Manga are basically two of the Japanese words which has the whole story in them. If we talk about the word Anime, it is inspired by the name of animation which is generally a character or a background which is designed for a specific purpose and it is a unique type of character which is relay looks apart from all other characters. Every Anime has a different story in it and these are specifically designed for a number of audience who loves to watch them. These are then telecast-ed from the TV networks or they are sold out in the form of DVDs in the market. Many of the Computer Games also have these Anime and with the help of these Anime the game becomes much more interesting to play with. In Fact Anime is just not a word but it has a whole world in it which presents the animation industry which is growing day by day and placing it well in the market.

Now we will talk about the word Mange, it is also a Japanese word which means Whimsical images or comics. Manga is recently originated after world war 2 with the mixture of some western style of drawing and made a new type of animation which was then named as Manga. Black and White Manga is published and you can read it in the same format as you read Japanese plain text which mean from top to bottom and then left to right. Manga progressed rapidly in Japan as well as in the whole world and became the fastest growing segment of Books in USA in 2005. Manga worth ¥24 billion in Japan and one of $180 million in the United States in the 2005 Market. In Fact Manga progressed so well that no one was expecting too much from this. Now it has become of the most grown books in the world.

Anime and manga has many of the Characteristics like exaggerating of physical features which attract the reader towards itself and he could read it properly, Dramatically shaped speech bubbles, exclamatory typography and onomatopoeic etc. In fact they have a complete package in the form of full length movies of TV programs and these Animes and Manga are created so officially that every one loves to read and watch them. Many of the anime are used in today's Games and these animes are specifically designed for that particular type of Game.

In fact Animation industry is growing so quickly that new innovations are taking place day by day in the form of Anime and Manga in this industry and we are enjoying to have them with us. We have become socialized by having all these type of animations and much more. We just love to watch animated movies and also enjoy reading them. 

Kids love to watch different type of Animated Cartooons which are really a good addition to their knowledge and they get many of the information from these Cartoons as well. Anime and Manga is one small part of this industry but if we talk about the whole animation industry, it has millions of characters in them which defines a different topic and reveal a new story.

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Sketched cartoons are also very interesting and these are getting much of the attention of the people because of their funny background and different type of faces. This is a master work if we talk about drawing a cartoon. These cartoons are specifically drawn to reveal a story and one cartoon has too many stuff to reveal for the viewers. Concluding all the discussion we came to know that Anime and Manga type of Animations are entertaining the world with its naturally soft looking materiel in it. Kids and older person love to watch all this stuff with make them laugh at once. Hope you enjoyed reading this article written by kissanime team. You can give us your feedback in the comment section that how did you find our stuff and can tell us how can we make our stuff improved. Thanks for hanging on with us ...

Art of Cartoonist and Comics

A person who specializes in the drawing called cartoonist. Visual artist also called comic maker. This art is associated with the entertainment. There are also other objectives of cartooning but one of the vital purpose of cartooning is entertainment. Some time cartooning done to portray image of political issues. Advertisement is also one of the most important factor in the cartooning. Cartoonist have number of the jobs like animation, Booklets, comic books, Strips, Manual, Gags cartoon, graphic design. In the earlier time period cartoonist create comics or cartoon for the print media, newspaper, novels, magazine etc. Cartoons grab the attention of readers in earlier time period. So in the way fan club of cartoon viewers surprisingly risen in old age.

Now we discuss some famous personalities who contributed well cartoons. One of the most famous name William Hogarh. He was credited as pioneer cartoonist especially in the sequential art in the 18th century. His work range was very broad. He was the man who capture the idea of cartooning from reality and plot it to a paper. His objective was to portray facts in a very technical way through series of images.

Hograth done a great work under as regards of politics. He just started work on political cartoon in the 18th century. The James Gillray directed and supported him to do so. Gillary main objective was lampooning the acts with the malicious intent. The practice of political comics and cartoon get well popularity in very shorter tenure. The prime minister and generals were not happy in start. But in the mean while due to the positve results they were happy as well.

After Hograh we going to introduce you with another hero who did well, Benjamin Frankline credited who was the man who get published first cartoon in an American newspaper. So in the 18th century you can say Franklin as professional cartoonist. Thomas Nast was also famous in the art of political cartooning.

The industry of cartooning grown up in the 20th century. There were many professionals in the field of cartooning who done their great contributions. Few names are up to the mark today Like Charles Addams, Chon Day and John Norment. The cartoons published in the black and white after few years their art shown in the colored newspaper as well.

Comics Art at its Peak

Comics widely spread across the all publishers. The syndicates of newspaper accepted the importance of comics and there was a great response by the readers. Comics encouraged by the newspaper syndicates like Universal Press and United Media.

With the passage of time some comics creator find some alternatives to get published their content. 
So in that time period some vital sources to publish such content were internet, magazine, Novels and books. You can not the negate all above mentioned sources for the cartoons. Internet was a great source to publish such nice content. So the internet was one of the open option to publish their comics without hurdles.

There was a time when it needs to accomplish some useful cartoon task under the team work. Team work done results were beyond the expectations. A worksheet prepared to do the task and work segregated as per expertise.

Our kissanime network is grateful to introduce you with the comic and cartoon creators. We will share such a best memories. Keep visiting our blog to get read historical background of cartooning and the role of cartoonist. Those who are contributed well in the field of cartooning are up to the mark today as well.

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