Monday, 30 January 2017

Comics Anime and Manga History

Anime and Manga are basically two of the Japanese words which has the whole story in them. If we talk about the word Anime, it is inspired by the name of animation which is generally a character or a background which is designed for a specific purpose and it is a unique type of character which is relay looks apart from all other characters. Every Anime has a different story in it and these are specifically designed for a number of audience who loves to watch them. These are then telecast-ed from the TV networks or they are sold out in the form of DVDs in the market. Many of the Computer Games also have these Anime and with the help of these Anime the game becomes much more interesting to play with. In Fact Anime is just not a word but it has a whole world in it which presents the animation industry which is growing day by day and placing it well in the market.

Now we will talk about the word Mange, it is also a Japanese word which means Whimsical images or comics. Manga is recently originated after world war 2 with the mixture of some western style of drawing and made a new type of animation which was then named as Manga. Black and White Manga is published and you can read it in the same format as you read Japanese plain text which mean from top to bottom and then left to right. Manga progressed rapidly in Japan as well as in the whole world and became the fastest growing segment of Books in USA in 2005. Manga worth ¥24 billion in Japan and one of $180 million in the United States in the 2005 Market. In Fact Manga progressed so well that no one was expecting too much from this. Now it has become of the most grown books in the world.

Anime and manga has many of the Characteristics like exaggerating of physical features which attract the reader towards itself and he could read it properly, Dramatically shaped speech bubbles, exclamatory typography and onomatopoeic etc. In fact they have a complete package in the form of full length movies of TV programs and these Animes and Manga are created so officially that every one loves to read and watch them. Many of the anime are used in today's Games and these animes are specifically designed for that particular type of Game.

In fact Animation industry is growing so quickly that new innovations are taking place day by day in the form of Anime and Manga in this industry and we are enjoying to have them with us. We have become socialized by having all these type of animations and much more. We just love to watch animated movies and also enjoy reading them. 

Kids love to watch different type of Animated Cartooons which are really a good addition to their knowledge and they get many of the information from these Cartoons as well. Anime and Manga is one small part of this industry but if we talk about the whole animation industry, it has millions of characters in them which defines a different topic and reveal a new story.

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Sketched cartoons are also very interesting and these are getting much of the attention of the people because of their funny background and different type of faces. This is a master work if we talk about drawing a cartoon. These cartoons are specifically drawn to reveal a story and one cartoon has too many stuff to reveal for the viewers. Concluding all the discussion we came to know that Anime and Manga type of Animations are entertaining the world with its naturally soft looking materiel in it. Kids and older person love to watch all this stuff with make them laugh at once. Hope you enjoyed reading this article written by kissanime team. You can give us your feedback in the comment section that how did you find our stuff and can tell us how can we make our stuff improved. Thanks for hanging on with us ...

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