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Art of Cartoonist and Comics

A person who specializes in the drawing called cartoonist. Visual artist also called comic maker. This art is associated with the entertainment. There are also other objectives of cartooning but one of the vital purpose of cartooning is entertainment. Some time cartooning done to portray image of political issues. Advertisement is also one of the most important factor in the cartooning. Cartoonist have number of the jobs like animation, Booklets, comic books, Strips, Manual, Gags cartoon, graphic design. In the earlier time period cartoonist create comics or cartoon for the print media, newspaper, novels, magazine etc. Cartoons grab the attention of readers in earlier time period. So in the way fan club of cartoon viewers surprisingly risen in old age.

Now we discuss some famous personalities who contributed well cartoons. One of the most famous name William Hogarh. He was credited as pioneer cartoonist especially in the sequential art in the 18th century. His work range was very broad. He was the man who capture the idea of cartooning from reality and plot it to a paper. His objective was to portray facts in a very technical way through series of images.

Hograth done a great work under as regards of politics. He just started work on political cartoon in the 18th century. The James Gillray directed and supported him to do so. Gillary main objective was lampooning the acts with the malicious intent. The practice of political comics and cartoon get well popularity in very shorter tenure. The prime minister and generals were not happy in start. But in the mean while due to the positve results they were happy as well.

After Hograh we going to introduce you with another hero who did well, Benjamin Frankline credited who was the man who get published first cartoon in an American newspaper. So in the 18th century you can say Franklin as professional cartoonist. Thomas Nast was also famous in the art of political cartooning.

The industry of cartooning grown up in the 20th century. There were many professionals in the field of cartooning who done their great contributions. Few names are up to the mark today Like Charles Addams, Chon Day and John Norment. The cartoons published in the black and white after few years their art shown in the colored newspaper as well.

Comics Art at its Peak

Comics widely spread across the all publishers. The syndicates of newspaper accepted the importance of comics and there was a great response by the readers. Comics encouraged by the newspaper syndicates like Universal Press and United Media.

With the passage of time some comics creator find some alternatives to get published their content. 
So in that time period some vital sources to publish such content were internet, magazine, Novels and books. You can not the negate all above mentioned sources for the cartoons. Internet was a great source to publish such nice content. So the internet was one of the open option to publish their comics without hurdles.

There was a time when it needs to accomplish some useful cartoon task under the team work. Team work done results were beyond the expectations. A worksheet prepared to do the task and work segregated as per expertise.

Our kissanime network is grateful to introduce you with the comic and cartoon creators. We will share such a best memories. Keep visiting our blog to get read historical background of cartooning and the role of cartoonist. Those who are contributed well in the field of cartooning are up to the mark today as well.

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